How to Fix USB Mouse Not Recognize

How to Fix USB Mouse Not recognize or Not Detect in My Computer Step by Step

how to fix usb mouse not working on my pcOne day I had a problem with my PC which is my USB Mouse is Not working or Not Detecting with the Desktop, I was shocked USB keyboard is working with the Same PC But the Mouse is not Discover at all. Even I used New mouse which is Distinguish Good with my another System that mouse also is not identifying.

Finally, I have got a solution after all research how to fix USB mouse not recognized in my windows or computer.

Follow My Steps

  1. Press and Hold Windows Key and Press “R” Key Together It will popup Run Command
  2. Under the Run Command Type “regedit” and Press “OK”
  3. It will ask you “Do you want to allow the app” in popup windows “YES or NO”
  4. Just Click on “YES”
  5. Another Windows will popup

NOTE : In this Segment, Follow these Ways.

  • CurrentControlSet
  • Services
  • i8042prt

Under “i8042prt” Don’t Select another Folder, Select Only this Folder “i8042prt.”
You can see in your “Right Pane” There is a “Start” file. Double Click on that particular file to modify the Value of Hexadecimal Picture given below

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