How to Solve Wifi adapter not found

How to Solve Wifi Adapter not found in Ubuntu

“Earlier wifi network working on Windows Operating System, after changing operating system Ubuntu wifi not working” in HP Laptop or any other laptop.

Step by Step Guide Wifi Adapter not Found

Instructions to Follow after changing OS Linux Ubuntu

  1. Login to Operating System Ubuntu
  2. Download as per Laptop Model Ubuntu Wifi Driver From any other Windows Laptop
  3. Copy Drivers to Flash Drive and Save it into anywhere in file and folder location in Ubuntu OS

Figure: 1

wifi driver

  • Select the location to Extract or Unzip
  • Then Unzip or Extract the File where you want

Figure: 2

location selection

Figure: 3

ubuntu driver extract 002

  • Extract Completed Successfully
  • Then you open Run Command as you open in windows
  • Next, Follow these steps below

Figure: 4

ubuntu driver command tab

Follow these Steps:

  1. cd/home/[username]/[file location]/[file name]
  2. And press enter
  3. It will go to file
  4. Then Type sudo ./install   (Don’t forget ( dot ) )
  5. again press enter
  6. After pressed Enter Put your System password if it is there else leave blank and press enter
  7. It will Start to Install the Drivers
  8. After Installed the drivers
  9. RESTART your laptop or computer

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